Former BoG Chairmanís Message



It has almost been almost 4 years since I took as the chairman of Board of Governors, Kagwe Girls Secondary, a two streamed (2) streamed District school. It’s my pride to have the opportunity to lead the board that comprises highly educated and experienced members, in different fields. The role of the BoG revolves and indeed all round systems of education , utilization and control of scarce resources against prime requirements needed for the smooth running of the school and the well being of the students. I have the pleasure to say that the success of a school is to attain the required standards in examination results that I can confirm that Kagwe has pricesly achieved for the last four years. This is attainable through well co-ordinated flow of educational and administrative systems implemented with policy guidelines from the Governors. Since year 2007/8, the Board through the support of the PTA has definitely raised the profile of Kagwe Girls and of course the walk has not been easy. The year we initiated the idea of a third stream where the construction of a tuition block housing the departmental offices, boardroom and four classrooms was started. This is one of the main projects in the school under my stewardship whose completion is scheduled to be by the end of this year. It is through the unrivalled support of our sponsors that we have managed to brand the school PRECIOUS BLOOD KAGWE GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL that has greatly enhanced the spiritual endowment in the school. It has been very cheerful for me to meet and interact with the parents, teachers, students and the support staff during such occasions as AGM, prize giving and thanksgiving ceremonies. These are the occasions were achievements of the Board have been applauded.





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