Support staff



NAME                                                                      ROLE

  1.  MICHAEL WAWERU                             BURSAR
  2. PAULINE KAMAU                                 SECRETARY
  3. HELLEN MURIUKI                                 SECRETARY
  4. MONICAH KIMANI                                MATRON
  5. TERESIA MUNIU                                  ASS MTRON
  6. VIRGINIA NYAMU                                 COOK
  7. MARIA KAGUME                                   COOK
  8. SUSAN MAKORI                                   COOK
  9. JAMES KAMORE                                   CARPENTER
  10. PETER KABAKI                                     WATCHMAN
  11. PETER KIBUNJA                                    WATCHMAN
  12. WILSON KIMANI                                   WATCHMAN
  13. TERESIA GAITE                                    GARDERNER
  14. ISAAC MURIRA                                     COWS-CARETAKER
  15. JOSEPH MUCHIRI                                  COWS-CARETAKER
  16. BERNARD THUO                                    DRIVER
  17. BERNARD KABERI                                  LAB ASSISTANT
  18. SR.VERONICAH                                     LIBRARIAN



   1.   REGINA WAITHERA                                                   COOK

   2.   JOHN KAMAU                                                           PLUMBER

   3.   SAMUEL CHEGE                                                        WATCHMAN


  1. REGINA NJOKI                                       GARDENER
  2. HANNAH CHIRA                                     OFFICE ASSISTANT

   Precious Blood Kagwe Girls Secondary School has come along way since 1966, when it opened doors for the first time to admit Form one students upon request from the people of Gatamaiyu location.

The school has grown hand in hand with the community around benefiting in various ways.These include employment of teachers and non teaching staff, supply of various school requirements such as vegetables, milk, eggs and fruits among others.

Most of all the non-teaching staff in the school are from within the Gatamaiyu location. With the collective spirit of teamwork, respect and efficiency, the non-teaching staff have contributed a lot to the overall success of the school. This is through the coordination of all departments that include the office staff, kitchen, farm and ground staff, security and other support staff.

Every department offers crucial services that have a direct link with the students. Systems are in place to make sure that students’ time is not wasted. Tea time is 20 minutes and students have to get the tea ready, same thing happens during lunch and supper time.

Fresh kales as well as milk come from the farm all round the year. Clean water running in the taps 24 hours a day is the norm at PB Kagwe Girls. CATS and other termly exams are typed and copy printed a day before the exam day.

The non teaching staff are happy to be associated with Precious Blood Kagwe Girls Secondary School, and are joining the rest of the Kagwe Fratenity in celebrating the success of the school.We are at the centre of putting all efforts towards attaining the mean target grade of 9.9 in the coming KCSE 2013.

Consequently, we thank the school’s Board of Management for offering us an opportunity to serve in the school.

           School Bursar


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