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Mr.Robo p.m-HOD

Teaching math 4G, 3G &1G

Mr. .karwe-Subject head math

Teaching form3B

Mr.Ndirangu-Teaching form 2G

Mrs.Mureithi-Teaching form 2B

Mr.Onkundi-Teaching form 4B

Mr.Mugo-Teaching form 1B



Life is a process and so is the success. In mathematics its rather a long one more so to an average student. Our school, until last year was recognized as District boarding school and therefore the students admitted had marks in the middle mark of KCPE categorization.

In some of the subjects it may be relatively easy for a student to orient herself and up her game. However mathematics is rather different. The biggest challenge that we as the mathematics teachers face is attitude. Let’s ponder on this negative attitude.

Negative attitude is stimulated in the mind .It starts with fear which is funneled by the unreasonable belief that mathematics runs in the blood. So creating a misguided belief that mathematics is a tough subject full of mysterious calculations and assumptions that does not help at all. Therefore as Mathematics teachers of Precious Blood Kagwe girls, we are aware of these handcuffs and thus we strive to overcome this. But how do we do it?

First we assess the student on try behavior and thus streamline our assessment on this basis. Once we are sure that all the students are on almost the same scope then we lay the foundation on continuous upgrading of our assessment. Therefore by the time the student sits for her KCSE, mathematics is no longer a subject to be feared but rather endeavor therefore it isn’t about the amount of hours you put in terms of teaching but it’s about the amount of effort you put into demystifying the subject that matters.

I remember when I landed in this school 16years ago; the performance of mathematics was below per. The mean grade was 3.301.The number of E’s was always above 30 students. This got me concerned so I came up with operation E out (OEO) and sure enough in 1999 there was the first A ever in mathematics. I still remember the name of this student, “Naomi Matheri”.From then henceforth there was no turning back. Over the years, the number of Es reduced to almost nil and the number of As increased such that for two years running, 2011 and 2012 we had the highest number of As amongst all the subjects thanks to the dedicated and hardworking mathematics teachers. May the good Lord bless them mightily for having seen the mean rise from as low as 3.301 to a high of 8.50 in 2012 KCSE.

Our biggest challenge now is eliminating the Ds.It’s a journey which I hope those who come after me are willing to undertake. God bless Precious Blood Kagwe Girls.

Mr.Robo P.M

HOD Math 2006-2013.  



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