Physics Club


                           THE PHYSICS CLUB.

The club was started two (2) years ago by form four students then with the aim of demystifying and popularizing physics as a subject particularly among the female students who generally have a negative attitude and believe that the subject is tailor- made for boys. The intention was to prove that the girls can perform as good as or even better than the boys.

 I as the patron have always been striving to assist the students to achieve their objectives. I have always arranged whenever possible field trips for the members to visit various establishments such as electric power stations, manufacturing industries and Jomo Kenyatta  International Airport just to mention a few where physics principles are applied.


I have also facilitated severally for the students to attend physics contests outside the school so that the students can interact and compete with other students and gauge their ability, all these have helped to raise the students’ interest in the subject.


                  By Mr. Francis M. Ndirangu

                      Physics club Patron.


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