Drama Club


                 DRAMA CLUB

v This is one of the most active clubs in schools with more than 50 active members in drama club; we believe in creating persons who are able to clearly articulate themselves in the society.

v Our main aim and objective is to create a platform where students take interest in public speaking, performing arts, and entertainment.

v The club holds meetings every alternating Thursday to discuss issues in the club as well as organizing/preparing for performances which are done on any school events like Parents day/Prize giving day etc.

v The club normally holds interhouse Drama competitions every first term in a new year with huge prizes awaiting winners.

v The club is also involved in creating costumes and props for other clubs.

v The club is planning to actively participate in external drama competitions on zonal, county, regional and national levels.

v The club is also planning to hold script writing competitions in attempt to grow talents. It is also planning to visit the Kenya National  theatre to learn a few things on drama.


Club Officials

Mr. Kimaita      Patron

Mrs. Murithi      Assistant Patron

Miss. Charity     Assistant Patron



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