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 HEADGIRL - MILLICENT NJAU -4 Blue_(2012-2013)

Since I joined Precious Blood Kagwe Girl sI have learnt a lot. I was enrolled in 2010 and the joy I felt  was immense. From the school gate everything was spik and span. The compound was tidy and the students were very warm and welcoming.

Honestly, I did not expect to be chosen as the Assistant Head Girl in 2011. It was a position that held and still holds great esteem in our school. It was scary and I thought that I wouldn’t make it but with the continued support and encouragement, from my colleagues, teachers and other students, everything seemed achievable. My colleagues helped me a great deal in learning that all I had to do was ensure that the school run properly which involved ensuring cleanliness which is fundamental in the school . Being the Head Girl, called for me to adequately represent the school and help out where I could.

My life in Kagwe is worth telling and writing about. Being nurtured and shaped to who I am is all thanks to God and the Precious Blood Girls’ fraternity. I will forever live to remember my life here!         


ZIPPORAH IREGI [3 BLUE] - Deputy Head girl (2012-2013)


Coming here in Precious Blood Kagwe (2011) was a real joy. I was eager to see how life is in high school, being completely independent. The weather was different, the uniform unique, the environment new and definitely new faces. The teachers were, and still are, very helpful to such an extent that I fell in love with the school. To say the least, the school was a real "precious blood"- as I would say, ‘It was a big name for a big school, don’t you think?

‘…and the Deputy Head girl is Zipporah Iregi,’ said the principal. These words were a real shocker to me as it was something I had never expected. Learning my role, that is; leading and representing the school, helping out, ensuring cleanliness and proper running of the school’s program and addressing the school’s issues, was really easy as everyone chipped in to help out

This school has nurtured me to such an extent that I earned myself an opportunity to attend a leadership conference in San Diego, California from 6th-15th July, 2013. What I have learnt has helped the school in various ways. Being in a religious school is something I really appreciate. God has helped me in my walk through school- something I am grateful for. My wish is to take this school to a greater height socially, religiously and educationally (so help me God!) All I can say now is, ‘Thank you Precious Blood Kagwe!’








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