Medicine Club



Medicine club is one of the clubs in the school. It has a membership of 60 students drawn from all the classes. The club is very active with the members participating in the matter related to health. The club deals with health matters and questions and answers related to biology.



  1. Discuss the effects of drugs and alcohol
  2. Peer pressure
  3. Alcohol
  4. All diseases example cancer, HIV/AIDS, contagious diseases, early pregnancies among others
  5. All questions valued to diseases and how to handle them

As a patron and biology teacher I have been there for this students and assisted them with their biological questions

We organize academic trips to places like Kenyatta national hospital to learn more about the diseases, their causes cures and facilities

The students meet on each alternative Thursday in the laboratory

I am grateful and thankful for its members

I wish you well

                        Patron Mr. Daniel Mwangangi



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