BoM Chairman's Message



I feel privileged to lead a remarkable group of men and women who make up the Precious Blood Kagwe Girls Secondary School  BoM.

The role of BoM involves improvement of  school’s  education system,  prudent utilization and control of scarce resources against prime requirements needed for the smooth running of the school and the well being of the students. The school has created a niche for itself as one of the best district schools in the country for many years.   Due to the schools good performance, there has been a  very high demand for admission but the school can only accommodate a limited number of students in tandem with available facilities. 

The Board of Management has made a decision to start a third stream at the beginning of next year 2014 to accommodate more students.

One of the major first undertakings of the new BoM that was inaugurated at the beginning of this year is to establish the first Strategic Plan that will drive the school to greater heights. The proposed strategic plan aims at improving quality and efficient provision of high standard education in the school. This will enhance the number of students admitted to public universities as well as improving and increasing the number of quality grades.

I wish to appeal to all well wishers, stakeholders and old students to support the school to develop and become one of the best schools in the country. I also commend the students for being highly disciplined and for maintaining an established unique values identified with the school historical background.  Finally I wish to extend my gratitude to the teachers for maintaining the outstanding academic performance of the school for several years. 


Dr. Joseph K. Githiomi

BoM Chairman



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