P.T.A Chairman's Message



PTA PERSPECTIVE (2011 – 2013)

Ø  Precious Blood Kagwe Parents continued to support development projects through funding.  During this period new Administration Block Complex got ready for occupation; in it are modern offices for Departmental Heads, computer lab and classrooms.

Ø  The school new van, a donation from Lari MP-CDF project, is maintained through funds from parents.

Ø  Enhanced academic performance based incentive drives teaching staff members to renewed levels of dedication which is well measured by exemplarily performance, 9.16 points in year 2011.

Ø  Good individual student performance is a measure of parents/PTA motivation incentives to students in all classes.

Ø  BOM, PTA and teaching staff members have a getaway forum in annuity where they receive awards.  This model of awarding system recognises and ranks every teacher’s efforts during the year.

Ø  Precious Blood Kagwe culture is firmly in support of Catholic Christian teachings and receives good support from parents.  High discipline and academic results of the school is a measure of this enriched culture.


 Chair PTA.

Patrick K Mwangi.





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