Our History


  1st-3rd November.

           The first 35 Form II girls sat for K.J.S. Examination.Mr. Dominic Mugo of Biberioni High School was chief Invigilator. There was  no school for Form I  as both classrooms were occupied by Examination candidates.



             8th January

         Our Staff consist of:-

                 Sr. Silvana – Headmistress

                 Mr. Joseph Kihui  P.I.

                 Mr. John Kihara U.T.

        There were 37 girls in Form II and 41 in Form I

               15th Jan

To-day we received the result of last year’s K.J.S.E.

                27 girls passed

                8 girls failed.


School re-opened 13th January.

Staff: Miss Fusy Ndungu F. vi

          Sr. Maura.

          Sr. Sylvania, Headmistress.

Form II – 40 students.


22nd January

Form I opened – 48 students.


2nd        March   

K.J.S.E. results

             8 girls passed.




12th January:

         School re0opened with 42 girls in form II

           16 girls in form III.

         Staff: - Sr.Silvana

                    Sr. Maura

                    Mr. Peter Muhia

                    Mr. Aloysius Mugai.


26th January:

        42 new girls enrolled in form I 

        Three more rooms were made available for the school to use.



9th march

Examination results were out.12 girls had passed the K.J.S.E

31st august

School reopened .number of students’ 102.teachers 5 .we were happy to welcome Miss Joy J.Ollerensho V.S.O.from England as a new member of our staff.



The beginning of the school year saw a number of changes. Sr. Silvana left Kagwe for Nairobi, and was replaces by Sr. Engelberta who had joined the staff in 1970.

We thank Sr.Silvana for her hard and devoted work during her stay in Kagwe .school opened on the 11th January with 46 students in form II, 31 in form III and 21 in form IV.

Members of staff:

Mr. Njuguna Ngunjiri

Mr. David Njuguna

Mr.Peter Muhia

Miss Joy Ollerenshow

Sr. Maura

Sr. Engelberta headmistress

20th January:

Admission of form I students .there are 50 girls in form I .general science was introduced into the curriculum.



6th may

The K.J.S.E results arrival at last. There were 8 passes

31st may

The K.J.S.E results of 2 girls which had not appeared on the list arrived today. They passed in all subjects. There are, therefore, 10 passes in all

We were informed by the ministry that the school was graded C, not B



6th September

School reopened we welcomes Miss Susan Pittong, a V.S.O. volunteer from England, as

Member of staff.


We got the results of the EACE. Of the 21 students who sat for the examination.3 failed. The results were as follows;

5 second Divisions, 8 third Divisions, and 2 EACE. And 3 failures.

Considering the low standards of the class we were quite happy that the results came out like this.



During the first days we got several lorries of stones for the new science Lab which we want to build. At present we started to build toilets, which are very much needed.

We had the first thunderstorm since we put up our new rain-tanks and they are ¾ full of rain water, a very welcome “gift”.



We started clubs today. The following clubs were introduced:

  • History club with               Members, Sr.Engelberta is in charge
  • Biology club with              Members, Mr.Kimani is in charge
  • Math club with                  Members, Miss Britton is in charge
  • Recorders club with          Members, Miss Ollerenshow is in charge

            The math club. It is intended that the meetings are alternatively at Gatamaiyu High School and Kagwe Girls Secondary School.



We have looked forward to the event which took place today.The primary school moved out of the classrooms which are so urgently needed for secondary school purposes. As soon as the work at hand still is completed, we shall start converting the two classrooms nearest to the staffrooms, into a Science Laboratory.



We started work in the evacuated primary classrooms. The old windows were taken out and put into the classrooms we built in the new site.



The hostel is finished! The first “inhabitants”, form four arrived today. They choose to have an extra week of study before the term starts. A look was found too and so the burden of providing for them is taken away from them.

It was agreed that each girl pays 40/- per month. We are doubtful however whether this amount will cover all the hostel expenses: food, fuel, cook, rent etc.




We had the first Science and Biology lessons in the laboratory today. Although the lab has only got tables and stools-and we feel that more furniture and equipment is needed we found it a great relief to be able to now have lessons in the laboratory.

The day for which we worked busily for the last few weeks has come. It is a day which carries the character of three different functions namely: Official opening of hostel and lab, fund-raising-harambee-day and parents day.

Our guests of honors, His Grace the Archbishop of Nairobi, the honorable Kuria Kinyanjui M.P and many other guests were present

The timetable was as follows:

  1. 2p.m Netball match.
  2. Songs and dances.
  3. The play “everyman”
  4. Report of the school.
  5. Speeches by: the chief of Gatamaiyu location, the chairman of the school committee Mr.Githiomi, the Hon. M.P, Mr.Kuria Kinyanjui, who then opened the Harambee Collection. About sh.2500 were raised.

After these performances the Archbishop addressed the people present and expressed his joy at the completion of the buildings his was going to bless and open. He mentioned that good work had been done by the Fathers and sisters in the mission and that due to this work he and many others like himself had become what they are today-and he wished that this work should continue for the good of the African people.

After his short speech we all proceeded to the lab where he said a special prayer, blessed the houses and the rooms, after he had cut the red ribbon

Then we all went down the new steps to the hostels where he prayed again, cut the red ribbon and blessed the rooms which were then open to the parents and guests.



There are 46 girls who sit for the K.J.S.E. Sr.Mwaura is the invigilator.

Miss Britton and Sr.Ignatius invigilate at Gatamaiyu Secondary School.



The classes are almost full.

There are 29 girls in form IV

38girls in form III

38 girls in form II


There are 44 girls in form I now. There are 152 girls present - 4 are still on the list –and are expected to report on the course of the week.



Rev. father O’Connor, our new parish priest, has kindly installed electricity into forms III and IV, the library, and the staffroom. This solves a long felt problem –for now it is easy for the Hostel girls to assemble in these rooms-and for staff on duty-to do their evening studies.

Father has also handed over-(as a loan) the little house belonging to the mission. This house provides hostel –place for six girls-that were very happy to move in –after having waited for a long time for a hostel-place.



Today the numbers of the carpentry and mason sections of the Nyanduma technical and trade school, together with their tutors arrived to commence work transforming the primary school classrooms into domestic science rooms.


There are 41 girls present in form I now. The attendance is as follows:

Form I 41 girls :form III 42 girls ;form III 41 girls ;form IV 34 girls this bring the total attendance to 158 girls .


Rev. Fr. O’Connor fixed electricity in the Domestic

Science rooms – which is a very great help – as the girls

Can use the rooms now in the evenings for study and group discussions



We got the second half of our Development grant from the

Community Development section. It consisted in sand, cement and

Paint- as with the first consignment. All these things

Are very welcome, as with the present building we need them.


TERM 1 1975



Beginning of a New Term .Nearly all Hostels girls come

Back today. We have got 96 boarders now , as some time ago .

We are able to occupy the former staff –houses as dormitories.




The enrolment for 1975 is as follows:

Form IV: 39 pupils

Form III: 42 pupils

Form II: 48 pupils

Form I: 48 pupils (we shall take in) .This gives

A total of 177 pupils




The new dormitory is completed –together with the

Verandah in front of it. We shifted into it today and uses it

As dining –room for the time being,(during the examinations.)

The Domestic Science and Dining rooms were arranged as

‘Examination room.’




There are 52 girls in Form I now. It is impossible to take any more girls.

Form III and IV class-rooms are ready and the girls have occupied them.

There extremely happy about the improvement and compete in their classes clean and tidy.


16.1.78                                                                                                                                     No lessons today .Many parents arrived quite early this morning-brightness their daughters for the test and interview .There were about three hundred applicants for the 45 place we intended to offer .All members off the staff worked without break to surprise interview  and test the girls. The parents waited outside-in spite of the rain which fall the whole morning .Mr. Githiomi, the chairman of the Board of Governors gave great help, directing and recording the girls-and talking to the parents. When all girls had been interviewed the chief Mr. R. Ngecu, explained to the parents, that it was impossible for the school to admit all the applicants-and that the girls would be selected according to merit .A calling letter would be sent as soon as possible to the successful candidates. 



             29.1.79                                                                                                                                               The first school day for Form 1students. There are fifty two girls present-and it is absolutely impossible to add any more girls-inspite of being on the (waiting list).              5.9.79                                                                                                                                      A new Sister was given to the School today. She is Sr. M. Claudia, who just completed her studies in Home Economics. She will start to teach Home Economics in 1980-and meanwhile teach English and History.                                                                                                                       TERM 1 1980                                                      

School re-opened on January 8th.There were a number of changes on the staff:                    Sr.Ignatia who had been Headmistress for the last eight years, was      transferred to Riruta. As she had wished, nobody had been told about this change, except the board of governors, and that only after the girls had gone home. So there was little chance to talk to Sr. Ignatius adequately. But everyone, Board of Governors, local community, parents, students and staff, are well aware of their debt of gratitude, which they will never be able to pay for all the hard and devoted work that build up Kagwe Girls Secondary School, and made it what it is today.Mr.Seswe was transferred to Loreto/Limuru.                                    Two Form VI leavers, Mr. Thuku and Mr. Kuria, joined the staff temporarily.                    Term therefore opened with the following members of staff:                                                Mr.Thuku                                        Sr. Anne                                                                                  Mr. Kuria       

            Mr. Gitau                                         SrEngelberta- Headmistress                               Mrs.Musoka.                          

The first three weeks were almost entirely occupied with Form 1, selection.                        7th July:                                                                                                                                                A historic day for Kagwe Girls Secondary School. His Excellency, President Moi, paid an unexpected visit to the school. Councilor Karuga brought the news, in the morning, and tin a few moments the school busted with activity. The girls decided to do the morning cleaning all over again, songs and dances were practiced, flags put up, the dining room arranged, a programme drawn up etc. Finally, His Excellency and His escort arrive, to the cheering, clapping of hands and shouts of ‘Nyayo,

7th July

  A historic day for Kagwe Girls secondary school. His Excellency, President Moi, paid an unexpected visit to the school.Counsellor Karuga brought the news, in the morning, and tin a few moments the school busted with activity. The girls decided to do the morning’s cleaning all over again, songs and dances were practiced, flags put up, the dining room arranged, a program drawn up, etc .etc.Finally, his Excellency and his escort arrive, to the cheering, clapping of hands and shouts of ‘Nyayo’,’Nyayo’, of the girls, and all the other people who had got the news and managed to arrive.

  We welcomed the president on the assembly ground, with the national anthem. He was then shown around the school, and led to the dining hall where he was entertained with some songs and dances. He then briefly addressed the students and staff, expressed his satisfaction at seeing the girl guides, and finally, admits loud cheers from the girls, he presented the headmistress with 20,000 to balance the food budget!!!

   He next went out to address the people, and in his final speech encouraged the students to work hard and obey their teachers. He promised to come back later in the year, and conduct a fund rising in aid of a double stream. Before he left, the headmistress managed to give him a paper where the needs of the school were briefly written down. He read it attentively, and promised to help.

   Everybody was so happy and excited that there were no more lessons that day. In any case, it was about 3pm by the time everybody was settled.

   On Saturday, the 13th of July, the girl guides and the legionaries had their annual outing. They first went to Fourteen Falls, then to Nairobi where they visited the Kanu building. They had lunch in the city park, went to the Kenya Bomas which they enjoyed thoroughly, and then to the cathedral where they attended an evening mass.


22 January

  KCE results : 1 Div. 1, 9 Div. 11,21 Div. 111 9 Div. 1v, 5 failures.


 President Moi visits the school quite unexpectedly on Saturday afternoon .He inspected the building ,took refreshments in the Dining Hall where a welcome was hastily prepared and addressed the girls. He then first gave donation of 10,000 shs for food. After this he wrote out a cheque of 50,000 to help with the building


22 January 1982:

KCSE results: 1 Div. I, 9 Div. II, 21 Div. III, 9 Div IV, 5 Failures.



President Moi visits the school quite unexpectedly

On Saturday afternoon. He inspected the buildings, took refreshments in the dining hall where a welcome was hastily prepared and addressed the girls. He then first then gave a donation of 10000/- for food. He then wrote a cheque of 50000 to help with the building. The students were wild with happiness and excitement. He left shortly afterwards, followed by the jubilant students and promising to come back and conduct a Harambee meeting.


9th October 1982:

There was a great success. Although the fundraising was for one school only, people showed great interest and turned up in large numbers. His Excellency arrived at 1p.m. before him, the vice president Mr.Mwai Kibaki, Mr. Njonjo, Mr., Magugu, the minister for education and other dignitaries had arrived. Security was tight, but there was a relaxed atmosphere.

On arrival, his excellence was introduced to the members of the board and teachers, and after the national anthem, he was entertained by the school choir and other choirs. There followed a speech by the minister for Higher Education, in which he warmly commended the work of the school.

After this, the president himself addressed the gathering encouraging the students to be hard working and disciplined .He then conducted the fundraising. A total of 543,000shs.Were rose.

The president then opened the dormitories officially and kindly decided to take some refreshment in the dining hall .He left soon after wards, a great day for Kagwe!


28th January 1983:
examination results are out. They were a big surprise. As the class had been so poor, several failures had been expected. There was only one. There were 11 Div. IIs, 27 Div. IIIs and 10 Div. IVs. We were the second best Harambee School in the Kiambu District.


16th July:

The new classrooms are now completed. The form 1s left their temporary classroom in the timber building and very happily moved into their new classes.

A new masonry water tank holding 20,000 gallons of water was also completed. 

 The following years were marked by expansion and progress.


Brought electricity from the mains and water from komothai water project.



The kitchen, Dinning hall, Classrooms and staff houses were constructed



      The telephone was installed  



        The old school Laboratory was converted and expanded into 2 science Laboratories with prep room.

At the same time the computer building and staff houses were constructed.

 Projects completed between 1986and 2001:

 Filter Tanks

Staff Houses-8 flats

Electricity from the mains

Conversion of the old Dining Hall to a dormitory

Expansion of the school office

Expansion of the Library store

Expansion of the Staff Room

Extra Class-room (Special room)     

Dorm 4 rebuilt

All corrugated irons roofs repainted.

New ablution block and septic tank built

Ventilations project for the school kitchen

Laboratory conversion- the expansion of the laboratory to make two complete laboratories and a combined prep room.

Computer Room- with 10 Apple computers and 9 IBM computers

Our school offers candidates for KCSE examination in computer Studies.


A 33 setter school bus was purchased in 1999.

The school has acquired a fax machine and wireless telephone

  Kagwe Girls School has excelled in both curricula and co curricula activities. We have had students presenting the school at the national level of the Science Congress, sports and Music Festivals. The performance at KCSE level has continued to rise, with the school getting trophies for best performance in the District Boarding School Category at the District and Divisional levels, as well as in the Archdiocese of Nairobi. For the year 2000 KCSE, Kiambu District awarded the school of the year Award.

   The teachers in the school have been involved in the development of education in the area, especially in Physics and English, by organizing and running workshops and seminars in the school for teachers. The students also give their time every term to visit NYUMBANI home for HIV/AIDS babies, to be with the children and to help with the work at the home.

   The students get a chance to explore their talents through clubs, movements, societies, games and sports. These organizations arrange education trips, tours and outings where the students also interact with other students.

   Today kagwe Girls is double Streamed public District Boarding School. The majority of the teachers are employed and paid by the Teachers Service Commission .At present we have 400 students and 24 teachers.






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