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This is one of the most active club in the school. It draws its membership from all students irrespective of the subjects they choose.

The club has been participating in various activities like:

o   Outreach programme-The members visit the neighboring primary schools and train STD 4-8 Girls on hygiene, making homemade sanitary towels e.t.c.

o   Talks-to the whole school community on hygiene, sanitations ,enhancing personal                              

                             Appearance e.t.c

o   Educational Trips.

o   Cleaning up exercises

o   Preparing recipes.

o   Cooking practical –These include baking and decorating  cakes,buiscuits,cookies,pastries                                                                                       


                              Flower planting and arrangements.   


The current Patron is Mr.Ngure Mwangi.

     The clubs Vision is to enhance the Quality of life and well being of individuals, families and the community at large by applying the principles of goodhealth, hygiene and use of resources.

                                 LONG LIVE THE CLUB







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