The Adopt A Child Programme at Precious Blood Kagwe Girls’ Secondary School was founded in 2018. Its founding was informed by the rising cases of needy students in our school and the need to create an equal learning environment for all students.

These needy students include but are not limited to; orphans (both partial and total), students from broken homes, students from very poor backgrounds, students from single parents.

The students’ needs range from lack of school fees to a complete lack of basic essentials such as sanitary pads, lotions, school uniform, tissue papers, pocket money, learning materials among others.

A lack of these key essentials contributes to loss of learning time i.e when a student is sent home due to defaulting on school fees, apathy to learning due to stress and a feeling of inadequacy among other non-motivational attributes.

Currently, we have 120 needy students in our school and the list is growing.

Some of the needy students are the best academic performers in our school. They are hardworking, disciplined and very pleasant girls to interact with. They are an innocent lot with a whole life ahead of them. Such is their beauty of character that one would feel very sad in not supporting them.

We are encouraged by the Holy Bible in Proverbs 19:17 Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.

We invite philanthropic individuals, Churches, the Corporate world, Foundations, Non-governmental organizations and all well-wishers to come forward and support these deserving causes in our society.

You may do so by adopting a needy student/students. This could be a full or partial adoption, through the physical donation of the items listed above or through The Adopt A Child kitty. Kindly do so to Precious Blood Kagwe Girls Secondary School – Adopt A Child, Equity Bank Kimende Branch. A/c No 1110279451044.

In addition, we encourage you to visit our school during weekdays for physical contact with us. You may contact the School Principal on phone or email for more information: Email:, Tel: +254 703 590 011.

We shall be very happy to welcome you to our school and also to share more info with you on this noble project.