This department was started in the late 1990’s by Sister Ann Walton under the headship of Mr. Kaina who did a splendid job in setting the structure of the various functions that the department is involved in.

Upon transfer of Mr. Kaina, the department the department was taken over by Mr. Kifiro who continued with the good work of Mr. Kaina.I MR. Ndirang’u deputized M r. Kifiro for 3 years (2005-2008) before he was transferred to Loreto high school Limuru. Upon his transfer, I took over the department deputized by Mr. Karwe.

Since then, we have done a great job in the department where our duties include:

  • Registration of form 4’s for K.C.S.E
  • Assisting form 2’s in making appropriate subject choices which they intend to pursue in form 3 and 4, in this respect we involve the parents and also consider the academic ability of the learner before advising appropriately.
  • Career choices for form 4 are at the end of the year as they fill their university forms. In this respect we advise accordingly after scrutinizing the academic record of each student.
  • School time table- The H.O.D is a member of the Panel for school time table and examination time table.
  • Operation effective 40-this is a clarion call for all the school in central province and the H.OD is the supervisor of the implementation and execution of the program on behalf of the principal.
  • Data analysis and data storage—our department is also entitled with the custody and analysis of all examinations, both internal and external that our students take part in.
  • These functions are performed with a lot of dedication and self-sacrifice, our motto being ‘Forward ever backward never.’