Mrs C Mwai – Deputy Principal

I joined Precious Blood Kagwe Girls in July 2017 and found very friendly students. I started fitting in the shoes of my predecessor and it has been an uphill task. Precious Blood Kagwe Girls is founded on a strong Catholic foundation. It is no wonder its motto “Let the Light Shine” is the very backbone of the school. Precious Blood Kagwe Girls operates on a discipline system of merit and demerit approach. Positive behavior is recognized and negative one is reprimanded. A voluntary system of working is one of the strengths of the school whereby the girls are able to embrace work as a way of life. As for academics, the school has been registering a positive deviation over the years. This serves as a strong indicator that Precious Blood Kagwe Girls is a force to reckon with, and it is just a matter of time before it becomes a top competitor in the country. The school still remains the top performer in the sub-county.

My aspiration is to see Precious Blood Kagwe Girls taking its place in the Kiambu county and eventually in the country.
It is my dream that all that passes through the school will shine in different parts of our great country.