A state of complete mental, physical and social well being is fundamental in the pursuit and achievement of ultimate success in life.

A deviation in any of the mentioned aspects above therefore means a hitch in efforts to try and realize the set goals and standards, at both the individual level and as a unit as in the case of Kagwe Girls fraternity.

In order to forestall the chances of failure and low performance due to external and internal pressures that act as an impediment in our journey in persuit of excellence the guidance and counseling department thus becomes a necessary pillar through which students can share their challenges and in turn be guided and given valuable advice which helps them to overcome their problems and grow up as healthy and focused individuals.

This department currently consists of the following panel members.

  1. Mrs. Lucy Mwangi  – Principal
  2. Mrs. Caroline Mwai – Deputy
  3. Mr. Karwe          – H./O.D
  4. Ms.Wachira         – Boarding