Mathematics is life itself .Actually it is applied in all sectors of life .It is therefore a basic ingredient in our fast changing life. Despite this fact is not a popular subject in most institutions.The main reason for it not being popular are quite diverse some of which include;

  1. General fear for the subject
  2. Negative mental attitude
  3. Peer influence
  4. Poor teaching approaches
  5. Wide syllabus

This fear of mathematics is made worse by those who claim that ‘mathematics does not flow in their family blood’. This believe gives a very bad orientation to those students who could be very good mathematicians .Mathematics is not a gender biased as many tend to believe therefore it is not a male domain .Ladies can also excel in mathematics because what a man can do a woman can do it better this fact is evident in our school which has dominated in kiambu county for the last five years being the peak with K.C.S.E mathematics mean of 8.40 .It also emerged as the best overall subject in our school last year.

The credit of this astounding performance goes to the teachers who work tirelessly and steadily throughout the year. Also the students work extra hard on the subject and they deserve a pat on their back.Through their dedication their results have been excellent .We can’t also forget the parents who have been very supportive.

The biggest challenge is now to maintain the grade however all the stakeholders are working around the clock to maintain the trend. Other virtues which contribute to this good performance in our department are effective communication and teamwork. Our motto is ‘A’ in and ‘E out . Above all we give thanks to God because man can only work but it is God who blesses the work of his hands.